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Welcome To Proline Seeds

Company Home

PROLINE SEEDS is a longstanding and proud partner of farmers across India and Neighbouring countries.

We have worked tirelessly since our inception in 1995 to bring farmers a broad crop seed portfolio, comprising maize,pearl Millet, sunflower, okra, carrot, forage Sorghum, grain sorghum, wheat and several other forage crops.

We draw on our vast experience of local farming conditions and practices to help farmers to manage the risks and challenges that surround them and optimise their yields, while they do their part to grow food for india.

Our rich heritage of plant breeding and performance excellence coupled with outstanding customer service has made us what we are today: a world-class seed company. Proline is the largest seed company in India and a significant competitor in the international seed industry, with highly successful operations in South East Asia, as well as marketing activities which span the globe

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