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Research and Development

Sowing the Seeds of Success

The success of Proline research effort is reflected in the ongoing release of new and highly competitive cultivars. A commitment to research throughout the years has enabled Proline to stay at the forefront in the development of improved products and technologies. The ongoing exchange of germplasm and technology with various international partners and institutions remains a vital component of our business strategy and one to which we attach great value.
Company R&D get the recognition by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) Govt of INDIA.

In India, Proline has four modern, fully-equipped research stations, situated on some 50 Acres of land, as well as two winter locations. Proline research programme is well-established and growing. Sophisticated laboratory facilities, including pathology and biotechnology, are part of the research resources.

In the field of biotechnology, new techniques such as gene mapping, marker assisted breeding, and the incorporation of trait specific genes into plants, are continually being evaluated and incorporated in order to enhance our conventional breeding efforts. The incorporation of officially-released, licensed GM traits into superior cultivars is undertaken in terms of a policy which strictly adheres to the regulatory environment and customer needs in the various countries in which we operate – without compromising the needs of those customers requiring conventional cultivars.

Extensive evaluation of new cultivars is a pre-requisite for commercialisation and is undertaken by our own staff at our various company locations, as well as by a multitude of co-operators in the specific target markets

Product Catalogue

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