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Contract Production

Quality seed production is one of the keys to Proline success and all measures are taken to ensure that seed of superior physical and genetic quality is produced. Seed is produced by selected growers and all production activities are closely supervised by Proline production team to ensure that our stringent genetic requirements are met. Quality is assessed both before and after processing and packing at Proline quality control laboratories. Quality control and laboratory tests are in accordance with ISTA regulations.

Basically Proline is production company with having 15 years experience in Vegetable and Field crop seeds production. The name of company counts one of the leading and well known Seed Producing Company in the International Market. We organize contract Seed production of all kind of Hybrid and Open Pollinated Vegetables and field Products.

We have a perfect team of qualified agriculturist, Scientist. As a vast experience & good relationship with experienced growers through out India from generations, company has a unique feature to grow all kind of seeds with proper isolation & suitable climate. India have so many different type of climacteric condition & company maintaining number of production pockets to cover all different climate in it’s production area, which is suitable for producing quality seeds.

Produced seeds pass through various strict quality tests. Our Quality Control allows only quality seeds for supply. We ensure to produce and supply only high quality seeds with higher germination. ISTA certificates can also be provided as per buyers demand.

Product Catalogue

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