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About Us

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Proline is renowned as a company that, over the decades, has exceeded the boundaries of performance. Keeping up with the latest technology and research has paid dividends over the years. It is Proline goal to produce new cultivars that will perform even better, for markets that span the globe. We are geared towards this, with a team of professional plant breeders and well equipped and strategically chosen research stations. 

It is important to us at Proline to keep pace with the latest technology, but more important to constantly fulfill the changing requirements of our clients to ensure that they will continue to be successful in a dynamic industry. 

Company Profile

Proline is a company with its origins deeply rooted in agriculture. It was founded in 1995.

In 1995, Proline initiated its hybrid maize breeding programme and began developing its own improved cultivars, specifically adapted to meet the needs of farmers in India. A few years later, it became the first private seed company in India to register a maize hybrid for the local market. Over the years many more PAN hybrids followed with demand exceeding all expectations and Proline grew rapidly to its current position as a regional market leader and global player.


Since Proline early days when it only marketed maize seed, the company has come a long way. Today, in addition to its maize hybrids, Proline markets a range of seeds including sunflower,  grain sorghum, forage sorghum, Pearl millet hybrids, wheat and a comprehensive range of grain and vegetable seeds. It is our objective to offer our customers a complete range of products to meet all their requirements. Proline customer base has also grown dramatically with the company now marketing seed worldwide.


Our Vision:


To be a leading world-class supplier of top quality seed.


Our Mission:


To develop and supply superior cultivars and provide exceptional service to all our customers.


Our Beliefs:

  • We strive for excellence.

  • We believe in the importance and development of people, and value diversity.

  • We strive to offer challenges and opportunities to all those dedicated to growing with us.

  • We operate with honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism.

  • We encourage creativity, initiative and enthusiasm.

  • We are proud of our independence.



Quality seed production is one of the keys to Proline success and all measures are taken to ensure that seed of superior physical and genetic quality is produced. Seed is produced by selected growers and all production activities are closely supervised by Proline production team to ensure that our stringent genetic requirements are met. Quality is assessed both before and after processing and packing at Proline quality control laboratories. Quality control and laboratory tests are in accordance with ISTA regulations.

Product Catalogue

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